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Sunday, 29 April 2012

Affiliation- Who Are You Connected To?

“Be not deceived evil communications corrupts good manners”.
                                                                                                    1 Corinthians 15:33

Evil communications emanates out of evil relationships or affiliations. It does not matter how good your upbringing or intentions are, you will be corrupted. The Bible will call evil communicators sons of Belial! A Ghanaian folklore spells the doom of those who refuse to separate themselves from evil communicator or affiliations. The story is told of the “tree-rope”, tortoise, the partridge and a giant baobab tree. The partridge, whose home was on top of the giant baobab tree, was in the habit of making a lot of noise. One particular afternoon it became so much that the tortoise remonstrated to the tree-rope to warn the partridge of its excessive noise. It said this with the knowledge the noise could attract a hunter which could spell their doom.

The tree-rope refused on several admonishing giving reasons why it thought it wasn’t its problem. Lo and behold, the noise did catch the attention of a hunter who eventually drew near to see for himself where it was coming from. With expert marksmanship, he shot the partridge, cut the tree-rope and tied both the tortoise and partridge. A great day for a hunter but foolishness of taken for granted the things or people we associate with and what they are capable of doing to our lives.

The moral of the story is that a relationship with evil communicators is very deadly. I don’t believe you need any more signs before you change the communication you have with that evil thing or individual. Upon one or two admonitions, a person who desires to be self-aware should dissociate themselves. You don’t have to feel bad or sorry for taking a decision which will in the long run benefit your well-being.

Many gifted and talented people won’t go anywhere because of the people they are affiliated with. It is sad how we fail to see that the devil uses affiliations to destroy our gifts, talents and opportunities. The book of proverbs is littered with how a person can avoid being trapped into an evil affiliation. My favourite is the one that says never be a friend of an angry man, lest you learn his ways. This is so true and it transcends beyond just friendship. Who do you read off, listen or talk to, spend time with? If you are sincere, you’ll notice you’ve picked so much from him or her whether good or evil. It’s imperative therefore, that you align yourself with the right people if you truly want to be self-awareness. Just as there are caustic affiliations, so are there progressive ones.

I have always prayed to God to help me align myself with progressive people according to the purpose He had created me. That these people will have what it takes to help bring the best out of me. Truly to his promise, I have never been denied this request. God has used a lot of people to help me find my coordinates in life. For the first time, I have clarity with what I desire to achieve. I pray that you evaluate your affiliations and make adjustments where necessary. No one person is an island and we all need the next person to make us feel like we are somebody. The choice you make with your affiliations will determine where you go next in life. I will not be afraid of the devil more than the person who has a negative energy to influence my life.

Yours In His Service
Pastor Joe Akuoko II

Friday, 27 April 2012

VISION- How Clearly Do You See!!

“Where there is no vision, the people perish……” Proverbs 29:18

Everyone has a vision of some sort : this can’t be disputed. You are no different from the vision you possess. A vision that is not focused but is divided will create “a di-vision”. Until there is singleness in a person’s vision, their ability to achieve the fullness of their purpose will be miniscule. The laws of life will not permit that which is saturated to have any impact- concentration is what creates impact.

In the pursuit of vision, only a few are truly prepared. I believe there are three types of people when it comes to the pursuit of vision- those who are afraid of the consequences so they never bother, those who give up in the face of hardships and finally those who give it their all. If a person endures the test and is able to pay the price, the rewards will be great. It takes the bold to push on with the vision and successfully become a winner. Until a vision consumes you, your efforts to see it materialise will be infinitesimal. It doesn’t matter how hard it is, when the fire of a vision burns bright, slothfulness and sleep is taken away until you get the results.

My vision to see the purpose of God fulfilled in my life is what pushes me to desire excellence. We have already been given the power for a successful life but the onus to achieve it is on us. If you could spare a little more time every evening working on the book, movie script or designs you will one of these days exclaim eureka as Archimedes did. If you could separate yourself from the many “hangers on”, reduce the time you spend doing the unnecessary, you could certainly be achieving a milestone with your vision. The fact that you wish does not mean you will receive. There is nothing magical about success but with a dint of hard work (smart work) many ordinary men have become great. We are encouraged because God will help us and we won’t be ashamed if we set our faces like the flint for the prize.

Vision has to do with sight and you are only aware as to how far you can see. It’s either you see afar or near. You are only going to be rewarded based on the application of either one of the mode of sights-long or short. Your ability to see afar will stem from the level of depth you have inwardly. After all, your inside determines your outside. Your depth in life equals the distance you can see. A funny joke I share about the intensity of sunlight is that the very day you are born, even as a baby, you better decide to have a vision. The intensity of sunlight is a sign that you have light to guide you from the darkness. You must do all you can to maintain and work your vision or else life will be bitter.

Whenever a person’s vision is self-centred, the results will be miniscule compared to when it’s people focused. Anything that is people centred will stand the test of time. Arguably, a vision starts with an individual but the purpose is for it to spread to others. Right from the time of creation, God’s vision has been towards man. Anyone who follows after God’s plan prospers with whatever they do. Having a vision without the application of knowledge leads to death! One cannot claim to have a workable knowledge when it’s not with vision.

Jacob had the inkling that if he was ever going to be self-aware and regain the power over his circumstances, he needed a name change. He wrestled with the Angel for just one thing- the power to become self-aware. He surely got it as he requested after much struggle. The vision you have should push you to be self-aware. It allows you to plan your life in order not to fail. The propensity to take things for granted will be reduced when you recognise that by virtue of your vision, you have become self-aware.

The first step onto the ladder begins with self-awareness. With this comes the visualisation of what you can become if the steps on the ladder are followed. Everyone has an idea of who they can become if given the opportunity. Self-awareness releases the potential energy trapped in a person and spurs them on into doing something better to enhance their lives. To be self-aware is to be empowered. It releases the power of possibilities that begins first with a person before it spreads to others.

Yours In His Service
Pastor Joe Akuoko II

Monday, 23 April 2012


“…………For this purpose the son of God was manifested that he might destroy the works of the enemy.   
1 John 3:8

God designed all things with a purpose. A person’s inability to define his purpose proves the reality that purpose is part of our existence. Jesus’ only purpose was to destroy the works of the enemy. Everyone will claim to have a purpose but the statistics shows otherwise. Our system of education is only to feed the supply and demand cycle never to enhance a person’s purpose. Unfortunately most of us get caught in this cycle for the rest of our lives. Only a few break-free to pursue that which they were born for.

It’s been determined by God that the living should have purpose. Those who have no more to offer are the dead. Having a purpose and being challenged to pursue it causes life to be worth living. When you subject yourself to the rigours of mastering your purpose, you develop a tenacious attitude to become a winner. If you take time to master your purpose just as Jesus did before you are released, the world will not have enough of you.

Your ability to succeed is determined by the passionate desire you have into chasing the purpose you were created for. The footballer, singer, preacher, writer, actress have a common trait-everyone is pursuing their God-given purpose. We only see their successes and not the price they paid to get to the place they are. I made a decision not to celebrate others whilst I watch mine go waste. As I celebrate others, I also look at how I can improve on the purpose I have been chosen for. In order not to be bitter, spare a bit time on you but more importantly, on that which matters. Many want it easy or have all together given up on their purpose but none truly serve you in the best manner.

Three people were chosen and given talents to work with by their King who was travelling into a far country. We also understand that no king will ever choose people for an assignment and not train them first. This is also seen in the case of Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego. We are told each was given talents according to his level of knowledge, experience and I believe exposure.

However, only two understood this opportunity and worked towards changing their lives once and for all. This means not everyone wants to remain the same. Many are praying and waiting for the day they will receive an opportunity to break free from poverty and subservience. This will only happen when through their opportunities, they become self-aware. They all prayed for this opportunity to be chosen by the King, yet only two had truly prepared themselves for that moment. Unfortunately, the other approached it with bitterness, apathy and discontent.

The two were productive whilst the other wasted his opportunity. The King was quick in rewarding each according to the work done. He increased the valuables of the productive two and sentenced the unprofitable servant to eternal misery. It might take long yet the vision will not delay. Never assume that short-cuts will yield any results. Let us learn to pay the price to define our purpose. The Lord will help us build a strong brand of self –awareness which will withstand the test of time.

Yours- In- His Service
Pastor Joe Akuoko II

Likes And Dislikes!!!

“…………..but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.     Joshua 24:15

When we were young, others dictated what we could like and dislike. In short, others became our mouth piece which is understandable. Now that you are in charge of your life, it is imperative that you exercise the power of your choice. You don’t have to like something which is not in line with the vision you have for your life.

Life is evolutionary- that which you like today might change in your tomorrow. This is where the challenge for most people is. Having the courage to speak about what they like and dislike seems difficult. They still hang out with the same old friends, neighbourhood, programmes etc without daring to step out of their zone. That which is old and familiar would at some point lose its ability to perform yet many will give reasons why they believe it’s the best. Familiarity with the old reduces a person’s ability to see the good or the bad with a thing.

Joshua, the man who took over from Moses simply made it known to the Israelites what his like and dislikes were after they had become indecisive on whom to serve. To please all is an injurious mistake, however to be separated and be outstanding or distinct is costly but rewarding. I believe in traditional family values because on a personal basis, they give meaning to man’s existence on this earth. Any attempt to change it will usher us in a cataclysmic chaos in the not so long future. I don’t have to waver because of what others believe. You are not wrong for either liking or disliking something. It’s a natural inclination in every human being which must be exercised, without which achieving self-awareness will be hard.

Jesus was at one time told his mother and siblings were looking for him but gave a strange reply. He told them that His siblings were those who hear him preach the word of God. He chose that which He liked regardless of earthly associations. When His disciples came and met Him at Jacob’s well talking to the prostitute of Samaria they were very upset. They wanted Him to like who they liked and dislike who they disliked. Have you ever come across people who want you to like what they like and dislike what they don’t? Because Jesus was self-aware, His decision to like the prostitute of Samaria paid off. As a result, the evangelist in her was stirred up and the whole town followed her to listen to Jesus preach.

Society frowns on those who stand out in all and are unwilling to accept the status quo. Often times, those who make a mark in history are people who are vilified and despised because of their self-awareness. You do not have to like everyone and everything in order to be liked; neither do you have to dislike anything for others to like you.

Yours- In-His Service
Pastor Joe Akuoko II


“And God blessed them, and God said unto them, be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the fowl of the air, and over   every living thing that moveth upon the earth".                       
                                                                        Genesis 1:28

Faith, I heard is self-identity and self-realisation. A person cannot be aware of his outside when he is unsure of what goes on in his inside. The surety of becoming a full person is gleaned from an inward which is serene and without conflict. It is only through this realisation that a person can believe, understand and accept themselves before the next person does so. The only time people will put value on you is when you’ve first place value on yourself. Your significance is not in your now, but in the processes you go through when no one delighted in your talents, skills or abilities. When you cross the finish line, you have substance. Now you can substantiate your efforts with tangible results and either be a man or woman of substance. The seeds of greatness were sown during these stages.

Who has despised the day of small beginnings? It is in these small beginnings, that the seeds for your greatness are sown. That is why every stage of your life should be taken seriously. Too many of us give the control of our lives over to others and are angry when we are let down. No way! God created us to take charge and you are only going to succeed when you have self-awareness. If you relinquish your power to the next person, you inadvertently give the essence of who you are away. Never expect to become self-aware and much more take charge when this happens. To take charge of your life effectively, self-awareness is the path way. It allows a 
person to be free to express their God-given talents, skills and abilities.

Many gifted and talented individuals have fundamental problems with their self-awareness. People go to the extent of changing a lot in the outside of their lives through plastic surgery or Botox but lack the power to do so inwardly. Without a solid inside, what happens in the outside of a person is insignificant is weak. Many start so well but end up miserably somewhere. Divorce, drug abuse and even premature death become the norm. They find it difficult to understand that redemption begins with the self. We encounter problems because we fail to work towards achieving our self-awareness. Many walk around with the mindset of what others think or say about them.

I am only a prisoner to the way I think and act. If anyone can make you act or think the way they want, you are a prisoner to their dictates. Rene Descartes, the father of Philosophy says “I think therefore I am”. Until your thinking and acting are in sync, it will be difficult for you to take charge or become self-aware and convincingly do so.

As I mature, the truth that I matter most seems to hit home clearer more now than ever. I spend more time to push myself in my chosen endeavour than I would have at first. Without me, none of the visions, dreams or aims I have will ever materialise. You risk being saturated quickly in talent, skill, ability when you spread yourself too much. The tendency to spend more time on others and their issues seems to have reduced. I am not talking about self- worship or deification, but an inner awareness of who we you are - a person’s ability to look inwardly first, before the what goes on in his inside.

We are told when God created everything in the garden there was none to till the land. The creation of Adam was also a plan to find a tiller of the ground. At his creation, Adam was made aware of his job as a tiller of the ground. I do believe before one can be self-aware, there are five components that need to be taken into account. These are vision, likes and dislikes, purpose, affiliations and knowledge.

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